Wow!! All I can say is that I am grateful to be alive and to make it to 2013.

It has been a long time blogging. I am always updating awesome events via twitter. Follow me if you want to know more on @martin_lw

Before the countdown, I had to sit back quietly in my little corner reflecting on how amazing 2012 was. A lot of great opportunities and great success. All these events all happened in less than a year and I feel I have taken it to the next level. It was all from my prayers and faith in the man above which led me to do wonderful things. “Let go, Let God.”

Now that it is 2013, I continue to do the great things and to always challenge myself and make sure that what I do aligns with my goals and passions.

My highlights for 2012

Drew more than 10 portraits for clients.

Graduated with the Masters of Architecture

Ran my biggest event called The Roots South Pacific Architecture

Was one of the leading artists for Glen Innes Music and Arts Centre for Youth

Started my own design business called OCEAN VA Ltd.

Formed a creative collective called The Roots Creative Entrepreneurs

Became a Part time Lecturer at Unitec School of Architecture.

Ran the Roots event with the Vodafone Warriors

Got 5 -10 projects ready for 2013.

Became part of a design professionals team of Maori and Pacific architects, designers and landscaper architects.

Member of Nga Aho design professionals

Did a Business course at Pacific Business Trust

Had lunch with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key.

Formed great networks across all fields.\

Formed awesome friends

Finally knew what I wanted in life and living it everyday

Very greatful talking to my aunty in Tanzania

Very blessed visiting my grandma when I can.

Helping my mum and dad with everything. Stepping up being the man of the house.

Had an awesome birthday with great people.

Had an awesome time with my two beautiful sisters.

Being more spiritual than ever.

Running the family Tag team for the 2nd time.

The list goes on….

Here’s a video of my final minutes of 2012 and entering 2013 at Auckland’s Sky Tower.



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