3d printing is something I would love to have at home


The maker movement is on the cusp of a boom. They’re job-creatingworld changers, on the verge of thoroughly disrupting everything from crafts to consumer electronics to, heck, well, everything, by democratizing manufacturing.

Makerbot has released their Replicator 2. Form 1 sought to Kickstart $100,000 for their professional 3D printer; they’re at $1.5 million and counting. Panda Robotics just launched a Kickstarter for their open-source PandaBot printer. The authorities are cracking down on 3D-printed guns. John Biggs argues that home 3D printing is killing the manufacturing industry.

I respectfully disagree.

Oh, I agree that 3D printing will be a serious threat to manufacturing as we know it. But not at home. That doesn’t make sense. Instead, we’ll have two kinds of communal 3D printer shops.

In high-infrastructure areas, there’ll be a clutch of online providers a la Stratasys (and I expect one…

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