Let’s just say I am really lucky to live near so many recreational facilities and one of them is the public indoor tennis courts in Manukau. I managed to attend the opening of this massive white and green shell. Not many turned up but it was good because I had enough free sausages to eat for lunch. It looks like I will be a regular now since I am inspired by this pavilion-like structure.

This is great timing for me because it is getting cold and I feel like I am lacking exercise. This is my chance to try out those Rafael Nadal serves and those Roger Federer back hands. Now it is time to invest in some tennis gears for the winter season.

Great lights and a great shelter!!

Time to balance and keep fit for the summer now.

The scaffold-like shell is covered by a large white canvas which is neatly fixed onto the bottom ends of the shell. There are so many lights hanging and they look like they are solar powered. I admire the simple geometries which form this shell. They remind me of one of my future pavilion designs I am planning to coordinate for my event. I would say this is a contemporary fale-like structure, but it is up to you to decide. This architecture seems like a land mark for the Manukau Sports Bowl, and is the first dome/shell in Clover Park, Otara?

4 thoughts on “Manukau’s first public indoor facility is now open!!

  1. HAHAHA don’t suppose you were on the La Salle tennis team? I used to play on them courts when we used to have to wind up the nets manually and watch out for the cracks on the surface! hahaha

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