Yes!! I can officially say I have my Masters degree!!

Unitec Graduation Day 4th April 2012 Auckland Town Hall, Auckland.

I graduate with Master of Architecture (Professional) with honours.

The journey to graduation was a great ride. A lot of last minute preparations but it was a blessing to make it.

It all started at Albert Park in the Auckland CBD. This was the meeting point for all the graduands who wanted to do the graduation march. I didn’t take my graduation seriously until I was marching down Queen Street with all the graduands heading towards the Auckland Town Hall. The graduation march started with this grunty Unitec truck, containing Cook Island drummers creating beautiful beats which set the mood for the march. The sounds of the Pacific came from this truck forging a pathway for the graduates to follow. It was a formal parade of accomplishment and a journey for all of these graduands.

What made me appreciate this moment was witnessing all the graduands all dressed up in black gowns with a funny looking cap, all smiling and looking up towards the high rise buildings surrounding Queen St. Also, the families walking alongside their graduands with a proud smile and snapping away with their cameras.

I am lucky to have my own cameraman who followed me from Albert Park all the way down to the Auckland Town Hall. So it is great to document these moments for my future generations to come.

Now we finally make it to the graduation ceremony at the Auckland Town Hall. The speeches from the CEO of Unitec and special guest Architect Pete Bossley reinforced this day as a special moment of celebrating our accomplishment and looking forward to our careers as creatives. I enjoyed my 25 seconds of fame walking on stage, listening to the loud cheers from family and friends, taking time to receive that qualification.  I will always remember all the support from family and friends who kept me on my feet during the late nights and sacrifices. What made this day special was having my immediate family watch me receive my certificate. Now I am a GRADUATE!! 🙂

Making the most of it at Aotea Square, Auckland CBD

I go back to my roots of studies, the Fale at Unitec :).

Samoan Fale or Fale Samoa

Going back to where all my blessings come from, my grandma. 🙂

It was a glorious day of accomplishments and the first step to a new world (THE REAL WORLD). It has been an awesome journey to remember and also to acknowledge family, friends and staff members. I wouldn’t get this done without my parent’s support and also my faith. Now I am heading towards new challenges and exciting opportunities.

17 thoughts on “Graduation: A special moment

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, especially all the wonderful photos. I know that your parents are very proud of you. All the best what the future has installed for you.

    • I rejoiced with you on this auspisicous event of your life. Faafetai faamalo i lou tauivi i mea ua pito silisili ona lelei. Your last photo at the Fale Samoa, vividly showed how rooted you are as young man. Faafetai for that and most importantly the way you put you placed your grandmother in your life as one of those strong pillars in your life. Faafetai faafetai i le mauaa o lou talitonuga i ou aiga. You acknowledged in a very special way your dear parents, well done nephew. They were there for you through thick and thin, pain and sufferings, they were there all the way. What is “Honours” without being honoured first and foremost by your own belief in God who has made everything possible for you. You have a very bright future and all because of the PERSON THAT YOU ARE, a ROLE MODEL to your cousins and future generations, OBEDIENT SON, ADMIRABLE PERSONALITY, HUMBLE, FUN GOING, GIFTED AND TALENTED…..etc I also like to deeply acklowdge your sisters and friends….They have been there for you all the way. Admirable and genuine friends are rare in our kind of society today. Wishing you the vest best in the future and keep on being WHO YOU ARE! love you and God bless, aunty

      • Hi Aunty, thank you for that awesome response. I appreciate your kind words and also your reflection about the support from God and family and friends. I hope all is well in Tanzania. Have an awesome week. 🙂

  2. so proud of you Martin, words cant explain how I felt, when i saw this….Tears of joy to see that you finally reach that goal your work so hard for…Iam happy that you always believe in yourself and also the most obedient son that any parents would ask for….God bless and enjoy an amazing future cousin..Avau

  3. sole is blogging the new thing lol i saw this page via tima’s lol suj a social network family u are! congrats on the masters! only greater and bigger things for u! ras! trinz

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