Yessssssss!!! I am happy my family TAG team made it into the quarter finals for the social grade. It’s on tomorrow at 2pm Ngati Otara Park.

Let me acknowledge everyone in the team for their hard work and commitment to the games, trainings, fundraising events, text notices and being happy.

Let me commend the team for their huge improvement since day one.

Our weakest link is our strength and we have capitalised on improving that weak area.

This is my first time taking the role as manager. For me I would call myself coordinator, because I am not higher than anyone in the team. I prefer to listen to the team and empower them to go that extra mile in terms of leadership, training, confidence and faith.

I am glad everything has fallen into place. I can’t wait for next Saturday. It’s going to be our breakup party and prizegiving. I look forward to an awesome final.

We can do it G3 PLUS. It’s a matter of faith and PASSION!! 🙂

I am going to wear this with PRIDE and support my team!! 🙂

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