This was desert after the Fondue.

It was back to the apartment. There were several small Tiramisus sitting in the fridge for a day, waiting for us to conquer it.

It was  my friend’s ultimate recipe for the TIRAMISU.

Look how small and precious it looks.

Uh oh!!



It was soooo delicious, having tiny spoonfuls melting in your mouth.

I had to take my time or else it would disappear in less than a minute. A slow kill is more effective for the taste buds.


After this great experience, I was given the recipe to re-conquer the TIRAMISU!!

I can’t tell you, it’s a secret. 😉

4 thoughts on “Conquering the TIRAMISU

  1. Mantis! Uso – so happy for your journey man, and like we’ve been encourage by the Clergy, our pilgrimage never ends, its an endless journey. Cant wait to catch up with you uso, keep writing up them reviews. Its awesome to follow

  2. Cheers Uce!! I am glad you’re following them. Just sorting out family at the moment and will post some more soon. Congrats on your lil one. I can’t wait to catch up as well uce.

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