Bordeaux is full of surprises!!

I caught up with one of my best mate’s older brother Patrick Toetu. He is a professional rugby player who is playing for the Begle Bordeaux Rugby team and living in the beautiful Bordeaux, France.

Patrick is a gentle giant and a chilled out guy who is a passionate sportsman and a PS3 fanatic.

Steaming in Bordeaux

What surprised me about Patrick was that he can speak French. The man!!

I met him and his beautiful family while I was there. He has a very cute baby daughter who loves to smile and laugh. I am glad to have visited him and his wonderful family.

Patrick, baby Anabella and Leah

I like Bordeaux because it is not too busy, they have the best wine in France, meet great family friends, I see many people riding bikes (eco-friendly) and it has a beautiful river surrounded by many historical buildings.

Nearly everything is there when you’re in town riding on the their infamous trams.

The architecture is astonishing. You would be surprised how beautiful the small things are when you take a nice stroll around the city.

I have learnt a lot from a friendly local who had time to show me the town and a bit of it’s history.

Bordeaux is a city I would go back to if I am passing France.

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