Hola a todos,

The Auckland group walked with around a million pilgrims to Cuatro Vientos Aerodome.

It was around 40 degrees and the sun definitely got us testing our pilgrimage.

The venue had no shade or any tents for the millions of pilgrims. Some of the members would form a tent with whatever they had. They used the flags, bed sheets, rope and sleeping bags.

My skin got darker from the sun. haha it’s part of the pilgrimage. Many of us were so tired and thirsty. Lucky there were several firetrucks that blasted water to all the hot pilgrims.

The sandy surface of the venue turned into a colourful place full of pilgrims from around the world. It was an amazing event and I believe is the biggest event in the world.

By the end of the night the total number of pilgrims that attended was around 2 million!!

It was a special night where I had to test my faith.

A hurricane occurred right during the opening prayers of the vigil. Lighting, strong winds and rain all happened at once. It was a test of faith. When the Holy Father started the adoration the whole place was calm. No wind, no rain and no lightning. When the adoration was over it began to rain.

What an interesting night for all of us.

I remained calm in my sleeping bag while many pilgrims would shout out the chant “BENEDICTO” and some would chant “esta es la juventud del Papa” (this is the youth of the Pope)

Hasta Luego



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