Today we get ready to explore the town full of pilgrims preparing for the opening mass at 8pm.

I had a meeting with Don Cesar Franco at 12pm at the Hotel Con Fortel PioXII. I went with a small group of pilgrims who wanted to support me. I am very grateful for that.

This meeting gave me the opportunity to meet with 11 of the youth from around the world who were chosen to have lunch with the Pope.

It is a blessing and a huge opportunity to meet with the Pope also known as the Holy Father.

Now I feel nervous but at the same time excited to have lunch with the Holy Father.


Now we head to the ENGLISH HUB at the Stadium in Goya for the opening concert. This is where we meet up with all the english speaking pilgrims.

We end up waving our flags with all the other pilgrims representing their nations.


During our walk towards the meeting with Don Cesar Franco and the English Hub, we eventually get pulled over by many happy pilgrims. They ask us to take a photo with them and some would want to swap our flag. I don’t know how many photos we took but it felt great to be a minority. We represented New Zealand really well.

The were two flag bearers, me and Ikenasio aka Sio. I had the New Zealand national flag while Sio had the Maori flag.

Lucky we had both the two flags because the majority of pilgrims thought we were from Australia. You know the national flag looks the same but being mistaken as an Australia is annoying (no offense). But we love both Australia and New Zealand. So let us wave our flags as one.

The Maori flag was the attractive one. As we pass by a crowd full of pilgrims, we notice the eyes are locked onto the Maori flag. Why? Because there are more Italian, French, Spanish, Brazilian, German flags. So there were only two of these type of flags at the WYD event.

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