Hola chicos!

I am playing games on the bus with several of the new faces I haven’t met. Time is going fast on the way to Madrid from Toledo. I begin my bonding with the whole Auckland group. I am still tired but I am refreshed from all the travelling from NZ.

We arrive in Madrid to our accommodation at the University campus near Moncloa. It’s probably one of the best accommodations for any pilgrim. We all get a single room with a toilet and shower. Also, WiFi and breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided.

However, the WiFi is not working. We have to install some program to get access to internet in the accommodation. So I am thinking of going to the city.

Thank you Harvest Group Trust for this package. I know this journey of WYD is going to be tough and we need one of these accommodations to recover from the busy days of WYD.


It takes 10-15 minutes to walk from the accommodation to the Metro. (We will be doing this everyday ughhh!!) Harden up mate!!

I went on a train ride with a few of the pilgrims late that night. Trying to understand how the metro works.

Now we arrive in Sol (in the city) in the main plaza. From here we witness a huge crowd full of pilgrims, tourists, local people and buskers. There are a lot of small groups all in a circle dancing, singing, chanting, taking photos and waving their flags.

Madrid Central is now invaded by many colourful pilgrims. What a astonishing way to witness the faith in the public square.

While there is a sea full of pilgrims in the city. I notice in the background the beautiful surroundings of the city, the architecture. This place is full of historical monuments and great architecture.

Three of us are exploring the centre by window shopping and having an ice cream from the hot evening. Mate I am sweating already.

We discover an internet cafe (WiFi) and it is also a bar. The place is called CAFE MADRID. It is right in the centre of the city and is near Opera metro. This cafe is next to the famous opera house of Madrid.

The owners are very friendly and they can speak a bit of English.

Now this is going to be my regular spot now. 🙂

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