Hola chicos!!

Alright it is Friday and I am back in the accommodation (University Campus) getting ready to have lunch with the Pope!!

How exciting is that? Anyway I am thankful for Joe Moeono Kolio for sacrificing his time to hang out with me for the day.

Now I am in my suit, clean shaven and neatly combed hair tied back. I am getting ready to go by taxi. I don’t want to go by metro, I might sweat from the heat mate. You know, you got to look sharp for this event.

I had to look really good and at the same time be modest. Lucky I had some assistance from the receptionist who only spoke a little English and I spoke a little Spanish.

Anyway, I was calm and I would feel nervous/excited. I just realised I am not only representing New Zealand, I am representing OCEANIA!!

So I did a little prayer and a rosary for the family and friends back home for all their prayers and support.

I arrive at the Hotel Con Fortel Pio XII. I feel like a very special person with all the media and pilgrims watching us. Also, approaching the hotel I see the police with their guns guarding the entrance. Going through the entrance was a mission as well with the metal detector and security. Mate!! This is huge!! Now I meet up with a few of the other youth members who were chosen as well. Now my nerves begin to get back at me.

But I remind myself to be calm and be myself. Haha I just realised I am going through a great journey to represent OCEANIA.

Ok now I get interrupted by some of the journalists who ask me for interviews. Mate!! I feel special now on Spanish national television.

Ok now time to mellow down from all this excitement and get ready to see the Holy Father.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready to have Lunch with the Pope

  1. Hey Martin,
    how cool for you. I’m sure you looked as sharp, and acted as smart as always.
    Really enjoying your blog. Put up more photos please.
    Maybe geotag some after you leave so we can see where you went to.

    Take care, god bless,

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