Catechesis occurred on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10am with mass at 1.30pm

It was packed full of great pilgrims and also religious leaders.

The Catechesis was led by the Love and Life group.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the talks from special guests and also the adoration.

Let me just say it was hard to concentrate throughout the catechesis. But I picked up the important parts which is great for myself and the community back in New Zealand.

I treated the Catechesis as a preparation for my meal with the Holy Father on Friday coming up.

A few great lines I picked out from the speakers and this one I loved:

“You were made for greatness”

I felt a great energy pass through all the pilgrims like the Holy Spirit during the Pentecost.

I had to go through a lot on my journeys and the number one part was going to adoration after confession.

I prayed for those who have helped me on my journey especially my family and friends and also my Church community back in New Zealand.

Catechesis in Madrid was awesome and sharing it with thousands of pilgrims is a blessing.

Hasta Luego



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