We had a great time in Toledo. It was like going to a small Tuscan town.

What I enjoyed was witnessing the experience of the miracles and the Catholic Faith. There is so much about Toledo, that you need to be there.

What is great about this town, is that everything is there. I love the architecture, materiality, detail, art, music and the church

We had a mass in one of the chapels in the Cathedral. It was surreal the way we performed the mass and also feeling the Holy Spirit come through us.

Hasta Luego

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3 thoughts on “Toledo the experience

  1. good to hear you enjoying the experience bro, thanks for the update, and am glad our faith is strong well and alive in everyone despite being tired, smelly and drowsy..

  2. wow, glad to see your having fun!! absolutly beautiful!!lollll @ tired smelly and drowsy…bet its totally worth it tho ! take care x

  3. Love that photo of you and the ancient building…so looks like you’re going to definitely find an architecture job in Spain huh?

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