Hey everyone,

We arrived safely into Hong Kong airport for stopover. Now just tired from watching all those movies on the plane.

The journey to World Youth Day is coming near. My excitement has started to kick in.

Now, just chilling with some of the boys from Glen Eden Parish and Fr Terry (Howick) at the boarding gate.

3 thoughts on “Landed in Hong Kong Airport

  1. Bro,

    Good to know you guys arrived safely in Hong Kong. Ua mai? you must be BUZZING!!! Far out you are soooo lucky. You are LIVING THE DREAM!!!

    I just finished talking to mum on phone and they all miss you already especially lil sis.

    Hope all is well bro and keep posting pics, maybe videos and blogs!!

    Let us know how the food is and what movies you’re watching on the plane lol

    Ka kite,

    Taranaki hardcore girl lol


  2. Heya cuz!! Hope your having a blast and making lifetime memories that we are excited to hear all about via your blog. Safe travels and God Bless xx

  3. good trip bro, gud to know you still smiling and not jet-lagin lols keep us posted and…some pics with spanish latinas bro lols

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